Ha lan fertilizer corporation

Ha Lan fertilizer company specializes in manufacturing and trading of fertilizers of all kinds, Ha Lan fertilizer market supply, the farmers of fertilizer type varies meet most needs and pepper crops receptor.

Ha Lan Fertilizer Company is established with the mission to bring to the farmers quality products, with absolute trust in them, and the desire to create a fair competition fertilizer market. With such a philosophy, together with efforts and solidarity of all the employees, the management tean has boldly invested in the cutting-edge factory adopting liquefied urea technology, which is the most advanced  fertilizer production chain in Vietnam so far. The Ha Lan Fertilizer Company is among several pioneering companies “dare to think, dare to do” and dare to invest to create the most preement products in the market.

The factory is located in th Tan Kim industrial park, Can Giuoc, Long An, nearly 1km away from Ho Chi Minh city, convenient for trading transactions with clients due to bordering important trading roads.  With a capacity of 100.000 metric tons/year, Ha Lan Fertilizer Company hopes to meet the increasing demand of the current fertilizer market. Urea liquefying technology creates products which meet almost all the nutrition demand for various types of crops. With this technology, the products are made by combination of different ingredients in each fertilizer ball, ensuring high nutrition content, helping fertilizer quickly soluble, crops easily absorb, reduce nutrient loss due to weather conditions.

Since incorporation, the company’s management identified 2 key factors for sustainable development, which are “human resources” and “product quality”. Therefore, the company always focused on attraction, training and developing talents, creating the best working environment for employees, developing their qualifications and making them consider the company their second home. Currently, the company has over 200 employees, in which there are over 70 officials, employees with bachelor and master degrees; over 30 highly qualified technical staff, and over 100 workers. Besides, R&D and product quality innovation are always the top priority in production. All products are under quality assurance program before launching into the market. The Company also invests in labs with automatic equipment, and advanced technology of Germany, UK, France, Israel. Etc,. Our philosophy is that each product is made with all the hearts of our employees.

Currently, Ha Lan Fertilizer Company has a variety of products, apart from normal NPK including 16-16-8; 17-7-17, etc. we focus on production of a series of specialized products including AMAZON, BIGONE, WINDMILL, SEVEN, NPK 17-7-17, NPK 20-20-15. The products has been so familiar with farmers, especially those in the Central Highland provinces. Each specialized fertilizer is applied for only one crop. Our company fertilizer products meet the demand of each crop to the maximum level.

Apart from focusing on the quality of human resources and product quality, market extension and building sales policy suitable for each region and enhancement in customer care programs. Field trips for dealers and farmers to the company’s factory to see the advanced machinery with their own eyes and “feel” the product quality. Therefore, the distribution network of the company is constantly extended. Our products are present in all Central Highland provimces and cities, SouthEast provinces, Central provinces, the Mekong Delta provinces. In the coming future, the company shall extend to the North market aiming to have full coverage of the national distribution network by 2015.

Coming to Ha Lan Fertilizer Company, farmers shall be reassured about product quality. Application of fertilizers of Ha Lan Fertilizer Company shall bring bumper crops.